Our Mission


We want to bring you a coffee that upon waking up makes you feel alive and eager to explore the world; but at the same time, we realize that it wouldn’t do any good to do all this if through that cup we are contributing to the pollution of that same world we want to travel. We also care deeply about the deep struggles that coffee producers around the world are facing, how fair trade prices often aren’t enough to make coffee a sustainable livelihood. We think it’s outrageous, how little they earn despite all their passion and hard work. We therefore committed to having a real, positive social impact with Coffeeine --- all without compromising our high-quality coffee.

And since making the impossible possible is our specialty, we took on the task of finding a way to reduce the impact that our coffee can have on ecosystems, while empowering smallholder farmers to thrive and lead better lives.

At Coffeeine, we believe every person can start a new adventure feeling energized and helping to make the world a better, more sustainable place.

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