Our Story

Coffeeine's story is linked to Alexander, that 14th of December '12 when he arrived in Paris with only his suitcase, not knowing how to speak French and with a basic knowledge of English.

He came with the intention of making one of his dreams come true: to live in Paris.

It may sound easy but without acquaintances and without friends, the adventure is more extreme.

During his first months he had the opportunity to get lost in the streets of Paris and discovered that when dreams become reality, they make life's difficulties become positive experiences.

It was by walking the streets of Paris that he discovered the universe of coffee and with it, everything positive that embodied having a past linked to coffee. Everything was born as an anecdote in which he talked about how he spent his vacations and his weekends in his uncles' and grandmother's coffee plantations. At that time without even realizing it, they were inadvertently making what later would be known as Coffeeine.

Now even if the idea was there, it needed structuring to make it a reality, and this is precisely when co-founder Brian, comes in.

At first they were united by the desire to speak French and then by the adventurous spirit that characterizes them. This was how a great friendship was born during in which they have shared epic moments like skydiving, being lost in the middle of nowhere, and trying to communicate in a language they don't speak.

Using both of their experiences (thanks to the failures that have become the best school) they decided to make Coffeeine a reality in the winter of 2016.

And Coffeeine officially saw the light of day on March 6, 2017 in the state of Florida, USA. Since then, they work hard to make sure their commitment to make it possible that you enjoy your dose of Coffeeine is a reality.


The Founders

So far you know how we made a dream come true, now you're probably wondering "but who are these two and where do they come from?" Well, here's their story: