The Company

Since when does one deny oneself the pleasure of a good cup of coffee before starting an adventure, especially when each cup is helping smallholder farmers thrive?

This is where Coffeeine comes in with its 100% Pure C8H10N4O2 so that your adventure begins with the perfect dose of excitement and adrenaline.

We are a company that wants to return to the beginning when you had a direct interaction with those who provided a service.

Our commitment goes beyond profit and this is why we've gone to meet the coffee farmers personally, and we've listened to their dreams and their needs determined to do something about it.


We’re a young company with big ambitions

At Coffeeine, we care about the coffee producers we source our coffee from. We’ve met them in person, know their struggles with declining coffee prices and fighting climate change, and we make sure they’re paid a living wage price for their hard work. We’ll be working directly with coffee producers to develop projects and provide resources they need for the upcoming year, based on their needs and what is important to them. For example, providing them with certain tools or agroforestry training to increase their yields. We are starting small, with a few farmers, with plans in place to expand our impact as Coffeeine grows. And our process will be transparent and documented, to make sure we are held accountable. How many companies can make that claim?

We also care about the environment, and have taken actions from seed to cup to reduce Coffeeine’s ecological footprint. From organic coffee practices to sustainable, recyclable (and compostable!) packaging and low-carbon transportation, we’re going above and beyond. We recognize that we have a responsibility not just to our customers, but to our suppliers too, so that all of us can share the thrill of adventure and of a prosperous, sustainable future, so that the spirit of adventure can live on.



The Journey

To fulfill our mission, we immersed ourselves in a relentless search of techniques and methods across all levels of the supply chain, in consultations with environmental experts and countless conversations with coffee producers in Valle del Cauca (the birthplace of coffee in Colombia), Nariño and Huila coffee-growing regions of Colombia. This was made easier because one of our founders is from a coffee-growing family in that region.

We are currently in the final phase of selecting the coffee farms and developing with the producers a plan of direct impact that this adventure will have in their daily life. Because our motto is to live in the present, plan for the future, and learn from the past so we don’t repeat the same mistakes.

It sounds complicated and difficult to do, but at Coffeeine we are experts in making the impossible possible.

Because you're the one who will make it possible for the whole adventure to begin, we want to meet you. But not in the traditional way, which is by filling out a form and becoming part of a club. We want to meet you in person, share an adventure with you, and create a connection around a good cup of Coffeeine. We want to hear your story.